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IT Security KnowledgeCenter

CompTIA, CISSP, Microsoft, Oracle
Circa 220 hours

IT Security KnowledgeCenter

The Learning People’s KnowledgeCenters are a pre-packaged, user friendly learning portal that allows learners instant access to trusted and targeted content. The IT Security KnowledgeCenter offers a large amount of real-time environment courses for any member of an IT team, from those new to security, or others who are looking to strengthen their existing skills, and gain credibility through certification.Hands on learning
With material specifically chosen to help learners build their knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. Includes books 24x7 on demand
The collection has a user friendly interface, and includes titles by leading industry experts, from publishers, to analysts, to business thought leaders – all instantly available to you whilst on the go.Challenge series tests and enhances professional competence
This engaging and visually rich learning environment enables students to experience real life scenarios in a safe context, so that they can transfer skills and lessons learnt here into their working life.What is a KnowledgeCenter?

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  • World's #1 learning portal
  • All courses and study materials
  • 24x7 library
  • Support from expert mentors
  • Global community of peers
  • Hands-on interactive exercises
  • Practise lab with real-world simulations
  • Skillbriefs
  • JobAids
  • Business impact series
  • Challenge series
  • Practise zone
  • Mock exam questions
  • Our 'Let's get certified guarantee™'
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