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Oracle KnowledgeCenter

OCA 10g, OCA 11g, OCP 10g, OCP 11g
Circa 300 hours

Oracle KnowledgeCenter

The Learning People’s KnowledgeCenters are a pre-packaged, user friendly learning portal that allows learners instant access to trusted and targeted content.Hands on learning
With material specifically chosen to help learners build their knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. Includes books 24x7 on demand
The collection has a user friendly interface, and includes titles by leading industry experts, from publishers, to analysts, to business thought leaders – all instantly available to you whilst on the go.Challenge series tests and enhances professional competence
This engaging and visually rich learning environment enables students to experience real life scenarios in a safe context, so that they can transfer skills and lessons learnt here into their working life.What is a KnowledgeCenter?

This course is ideal for

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Designers
  • Developer Support Engineers
  • Technical Administrators

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Professional development that works around you:

  • World's #1 learning portal
  • All courses and study materials
  • 24x7 library
  • Support from expert mentors
  • Global community of peers
  • Hands-on interactive exercises
  • Practise lab with real-world simulations
  • Skillbriefs
  • JobAids
  • Business impact series
  • Challenge series
  • Practise zone
  • Mock exam questions
  • Our 'Let's get certified guarantee™'
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