2 Day FOREX Bootcamp

Would you like to learn how to trade the financial markets? The bootcamp is the perfect place to learn how to trade or to improve your current trading skills.

The bootcamp will provide the foundations of trading multiple asset classes (Forex, Indices, Commodities), which will give you the key skills to make money from trading the financial markets. This course is taught by one of or top tutors and will contain theory and practice in an engaging environment.

This LIVE 2-DAY FOREX MASTERCLASS is designed to help you become a successful and profitable forex trader.

Day 1

Technical Analysis
Price Expression – Candlesticks – Timeframes
Support & Resistance
Trendlines – Market pulses – Cycles
Moving Averages

Day 2

Indicators – RSI – Stochastic
Price Action
Trade Sizing
Reward to Risk
Trading and the News
Core Strategy – Intraday
End of Day Strategy
Trading Notes

Course Features

Taught by expert tutors
CPD Accredited Certificate Achievement (upon successful completion of end of course exam)
Expert strategy & technical analysis
Theory and practical based learning
12 months free access to weekly webinars

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Accountancy , Banking & Finance

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