Broadband Premises Installation (BPI) Safety

The Broadband Premise Installation – Safety course provides the safety best practices for a broadband professional. The learner is introduced to safety subjects such as personal protective equipment (PPE), working with and on ladders, and operating a company vehicle. In addition, the learner will learn about job site safety, environmental, and weather-related dangers.

The Broadband Premise Installation – Safety course is part of the Broadband Premises Installation and Service interactive learning journey. BPI covers the knowledge required to install, maintain and troubleshoot triple-play services (video, voice, and data) for cable telecommunications customers. This interactive course includes delivering positive customer service, RF theory, troubleshooting, test equipment, common measurements, and service restoration related to industry-wide standards and practices.  The course also provides instruction in the latest technologies, such as MoCA, home networking, Wi-Fi, and untethered devices. The learning journey is comprised of three courses:

Broadband Premises Installation – Safety
Broadband Premises Installation – Customer Service
Broadband Premises Installation – Fundamentals

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