Ex-Military Careers Welcomes Joel Forrester to the Team

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Ex-Military Careers Welcomes Joel Forrester to the Team

As Client Engagement Director, Joel will be spearheading Trinnovo’s dynamic 5-year strategy to build out and expand its employment transition support for departing military personnel and veteran communities in the workplace – across both the UK and US markets. 

“There are millions of veterans already in the workplace and many arrive daily, across the UK and US, and we are here to support you. Guidance, advice, new and exciting opportunities. We are here for you. Our community ranges all ages and ranks, all abilities and experience – that is the beauty and strength of our network.”

“I am looking forward to seeing our paths cross in the not-too-distant future – whether it be via a live event, an online event or in passing. We have some very exciting plans for the next 18 months that can truly impact the veteran community in such a positive way” he said.

Central to his job, Joel will be supporting Trinnovo’s 2021 commitment to specific ex-military employment impact metrics – aiming for 10% of global placements across the group to be transitioning personnel & military veterans – both internal and external.

Ex-Military Careers, founded in 2013 by Trinnovo chair Ashley Lawrence and his brother James, also a Trinnovo director, is already established as the leading global social entity platform for veterans, spouses and military people transitioning into civilian employment – with a social media presence outstripping similar military organisations. Ex-Military careers is majority veteran owned, is an accredited Social Enterprise Business for Good and a Silver Award holder from the UK government’s Defense Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). 

And as an integral partner of Trinnovo’s multi-award-winning group of recruitment companies – Trust in SODA, Broadgate Search and BioTalent – EMC is a key pillar in Trinnovo’s committed DEI mission and purpose.   

Joel explains what the veteran community can offer civilian employers.  “Resilience.  Inclusion.  Teamwork.  Adaptability. Ex-military personnel are renowned for the phrase – ‘adapt and overcome’, we are problem solvers and solution finders.  We are tried and tested through training and deployments with a mindset that is calm under pressure and highly trainable. These skillsets are invaluable to any employer and team.”

He is also aware of the transition issues. “Veterans are trained to be humble, for example when asked to articulate our skill set – it is against the grain to have to ‘sell yourself’, but in truth, communicating positively about strengths and attributes, relatable to the commercial market is vital in securing employment in the civilian world. So, guidance and support by the right people who understand the world these people come from, is vital to their continuous development and inevitable success.”

When he transitioned out of the military, he says he didn’t have a clue.  “My last day in the forces to my first day in the civilian world, was like leaving a family and going out into the unknown, without support, without guidance, it was an extremely scary & lonely place.”

That is where Ex-Military Careers are the force for change.  “We offer a multi-faceted support network, career opportunities, guidance, mentorship and training. You step out of one community and into another – but as with the forces, this is a two-way street. We need your commitment and your integrity to allow us to truly support you and make a difference.”

Unlike other transition programmes which Joel believes are often out of touch with modern recruitment strategies and not fit for purpose, EMC support will be cutting-edge because of the partnership – unique in the recruitment space - with Trinnovo’s three brands.  Trust in SODA, Broadgate Search and BioTalent work with tech-enabled businesses in the UK, DACH and the US across IT, financial and pharmaceutical markets.  They are on a fast growth trajectory and Joel is passionate about the huge opportunities this collaboration and expertise offers. 

“I am a trusted ally and bounce board for companies who have an interest in supporting veterans as part of their DEI objectives. I can educate and guide clients, companies and teams with strategies to attract and retain veteran employees and ensure this is sustainable. Veterans support veterans, so a clear objective of mine is to connect with business influencers with a connection to the forces, who wish to see the growth of veteran equality within the workplace,” he said.

Trinnovo’s growing reputation in the US is a key focus.  “The US market is a massive part of the jigsaw,” he said.  “At C-suite and board level there are many representatives from the veteran community. I would like to connect with these individuals and empower them to do more to support veterans in the workplace within their companies and help provide purposeful, sustainable employment opportunities.”

He sees his new role as a call to action.  It’s a very different call to action from his active deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or his job as a UK Police Operational Firearms Commander, working on the ground commanding teams.

“There is a saying in the military – leaders create leaders,” he said.  “My long-term goal is to ensure every veteran across the UK and US has access to meaningful employment. My challenge to you, the people of influence, is to understand the objectives towards veterans within your own company and establish how Ex-Military Careers can support any initiatives you have with our vast network of talent. Change starts with you.” 

James Lawrence, director Ex-Military Careers, said: “We’re very excited to have Joel on board.  He represents in one individual all our Trinnovo values of passion, collaboration, and innovation.  Watch this space!”