AI Machine Learning – Deep Learning & Computer Vis

Discover Core Machine Learning Concepts & Build An Artificial Neural Network!

This course will get you started on two of the hottest topics in Machine Learning. Go beyond the hype, and get started learning how to design and implement a simple computer vision use-case and so much more! With nearly 2 hours of expert-led instruction, by the time you’ve completed this course, you will have a firm grasp on the theory underlying both deep learning and computer vision.

Deep Learning & Computer Vision: an Introduction is the perfect course for students who want exposure to Machine Learning. This course will cover topics such as: Artificial Neural Networks, how to install Python, and Handwritten Digit Recognition.

What the course will teach you:

Design and Implement a simple computer vision use-case: digit recognition
Confidently move on to more complex and comprehensive material on these topics
Grasp the theory underlying deep learning and computer vision
Understand use-cases for computer vision as well as deep learning
Installing Python: Anaconda & PIP
Much More..


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