AI Machine– Recommendation Systems in Python

Understand How Online Recommendations Work by Building a Movie App with Python! £99 [RRP £199]

In this ’Recommendation Systems in Python’ online course, you’ll learn about key concepts such as content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, neighborhood models, matrix factorization, and more! By the time you’ve finished the training, you’ll be able to build a movie recommendation system in Python by
mastering both theory and practice.
Recommendation Engines perform a variety of tasks, but the most important one is to find products that are most relevant to the user. Follow along with this intensive Recommendation Systems in Python training course to get a firm grasp on this essential Machine Learning component.

What the course will teach you:

Learn about Movielens – a famous dataset with movie ratings
Use Pandas to read and play around with the data
Learn how to use Scipy and Numpy
Introduction to Latent Factor Methods
Introduction to Memory-based Approaches
Design & implement a Recommendation System in Python
Much More..

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