IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability

With sustainability emerging as a key corporate goal across the globe, harnessing the ability to lead effectively and competently with sustainability in mind has never been more important. The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability provides learners with a comprehensive understanding ineffective leadership within the environmental sectors.

This course will gift companies the critical philosophies and principles to incorporate sustainable practices into the top end of any business. The knowledge can gradually trickle down and positively influence the DNA of the workforce, turning any business into a progressive sustainable powerhouse.

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The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability course is incredibly beneficial to senior leadership or decision makers in any company looking to remain compliant or become sustainable industry leaders.  

It will educate sneior executives, board members or investors how to confidently plan ahead for their business and navigate the ever-changing environmental landscape and how a alternative corporate strategy can affect their business. 


4.5 hours

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