The job of the police officer is rewarding and challenging.  However, at some point, you may decide it is time to move on, to pursue a different career path. Whether you have spent a couple of years or a couple of decades on the job, you have acquired skills and qualities applicable to a whole range of fields.

Many transferable skill sets found in the military can also found in the police, including:

  • Proven team leadership
  • Exceptional ability to delegate, motivate and communicate
  • Problem solving
  • Great organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Working well under pressure
  • Strong work ethic


Many businesses registered with Ex-MilitaryCareers.com also welcome police background candidates.  We are committed to the ex-military but are happy to support the needs of serving and ex-police members.  You too can register with us, and apply for jobs and careers on our website.

So, if you are an ex-police officer, or still serving and considering a career change, please register with us today!

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