Not all ex-military will want to become employees.  There will be some who will want to set up their own business. 

That’s where a franchise comes in.  There are obvious advantages in buying a franchise, the most important being that you will be purchasing a tried and tested business concept. It may not be cheaper than starting your own business but it does bring with it a recognised brand image.

It is estimated that whilst only one in five new-start businesses will still be trading after five years, some 90% of franchise operations will have succeeded.

Some of the benefits of buying a franchise are:

  • You will have the opportunity to purchase a business concept that has already been tried and tested in the market.
  • The risks of setting up a franchised business are substantially reduced when compared to establishing a new business in the same market.
  • A franchise will provide a brand image that the public will recognise.
  • Business premises will all comply with an established interior and exterior design to assist with brand promotion.
  • Specifications for the equipment required by the franchise will be clearly identified from the outset.
  • Publicity and ongoing marketing can be arranged by the franchisor as part of the contractual agreement.
  • Comprehensive training in all aspects of running the business will be given to you by the franchisor, both initially and on an ongoing basis as methods are improved.
  • The 'operations manual' received as part of the franchise will give standardised procedures for accounting, sales, and stock control.
  • The franchisor may be able to provide you with better terms for the centralised bulk purchase of raw materials or goods used by the franchise.


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