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Ex-Military Careers Events & Webinars

We host events and webinars for the EMC community, which are designed to advise, inspire and come together to hear from panel speakers and members of the community. Follow us on LinkedIn to hear about our forthcoming events and webinars. In the meantime, take a look at our webinar recordings and post-event white papers, below.  

Forces for Change 

To commemorate Remembrance Day, our Ex-Military Careers community united for an impactful and current webinar session, ‘Forces for Change’ led by Client Engagement Director Joel Forrester. The webinar discussed a plethora of talking points such as developing a positive mindset, combating identity crises and transferable skills. Joel was joined by military luminary Colin MacLachlan, as well as entrepreneurial powerhouse Katharina Dalka.

Key insights included:

Developing a positive mindset: focus on what you can control

Tackling Identity Crises: converse with others, be open to any opportunity and most importantly – be yourself 

Stress Management: top tips for workload and emotional stress

Ex-Military personnel possess a handful of sought-after transferable skills 

More must be done to help veterans leave the military smoothly 

Download the white paper...

EX-Military Careers - Forces For Change

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Who for?

For Service Leavers

If you are leaving soon, considering it or are a Veteran who wants to meet professionals across various sectors, then this is an ideal opportunity. Network generation can be essential to future success. Events like this can offer answers to tough questions about resettlement and civilian life.

For Employers

Events offer free access to a Service Leaver and Veteran community, particularly to those looking for new and alternative opportunities. We provide the chance to network with effective, adaptable and motivated people who would add exceptional value to your business.