Please could you confirm the costs for purchasing listings

Our most popular subscriptions are annual "Unlimited standard jobs" for £500 + VAT & "Featured job" listings that cost £250 + VAT each. With respect to how long vacancies last once posted please visit our rate card here

I would welcome a conversation to better understand opportunities to partner with you

We do partner with organizations  

Our Affiliate and Partner clients of Ex-Military Careers have access to a Dedicated Project Lead which enables us to deliver consultative and specialist services unique to you, acting in partnership with your existing internal team of hiring managers and talent attraction.  

We provide assistance with writing advertisements and job descriptions that appeal to veterans and promote you as a veteran-friendly business, as well as promoting our veteran-friendly partners through a combination of job postings, promotional material, podcasts, events, and webinars.  

We engage with large candidate pools from all over the world, increasing access to candidate markets often overlooked. Partner with us to successfully promote your business as a veteran-friendly employer. 

Affiliate and partner solutions can be found in our rate card here

Please can you provide me with your Media Pack

Our Media pack can be found here

Can you advise the best way forward on how to advertise

We offer various solutions to advertise with us, and also different ways to post. Please visit our posting brochure here which details the different options available to you.

Our team would like to learn more about Corporate Sponsorship and pricing

Please see our corporate brochure here and you can find more information about our corporate sponsorships within our rate card here

I would like to know how to post roles on your career site

It is simple to post vacancies with us, simply register as an employer on our website here 

Once you have registered, select “subscriptions” and you can post your first vacancy absolutely free. We also offer several different ways to post your vacancies depending on your preference.  

Please find the brochure below which details the various ways you can post to our website here

Do you have a media pack that covers your advertising options/rates

Our Media pack can be found here & our rate card can be found here 

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Would you be interested in working in partnership with us in a national recruitment campaign

We are familiar with working on recruitment campaigns either via agencies or with employers directly. This type of campaign would fall into either our “social media campaign” or “Affiliate or Partnership” subscription. For more information on our subscriptions please see our rate card here 

I would like an idea of your audience and reach

For more information on our audience please see our Media pack here 

We are a franchise business looking to recruit new franchisees

We do work with franchise businesses looking to recruit new franchisees. 

This type of campaign would fall into either our “social media campaign” or “Affiliate or Partnership” subscription. For more information on our subscriptions please see our rate card here 

Can you provide some advertising options

Please see our rate card here which details all our advertising options. If there is something more specific you would like to discuss please get in touch.

Do you offer agency commission to bulk purchases

We do provide a 20% agency discount depending on volume.

Are you integrated with Broadbean or any other multi posters

We are integrated with Broadbean and several other milk posters. More information on the Multi-posters we are interegrated with can be found here 

Would like to know how your subscriptions/vacancies work?

The duration of any subscription lasts for 12 months upon purchase. You may select multiple locations per job advertisement & you can advertise any vacancy for up to 3 months.