Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship helps realise our aim to provide a comprehensive one-stop career hub for men and women in the services looking for a successful transition to a fulfilling career in Civvy Street.  We believe in the value of ex-military skillsets and experience and, with our training opportunities and support, believe ex-military personnel will contribute positively to any business they join, and will, as a result, help national economic growth.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Authorised use of EMC logo
  • Armed forces community project incentives including access under E-MC umbrella to hard-to-reach local & national government schemes/networking opportunities
  • Innovative learning development opportunities for staff including short training sessions to explain and discuss ex-military skills & relevant experience
  • Promotion of your brand, services and products across our community
  • Attendance and networking opportunities at our events and events where we are invited guests - across the UK
  • Impact & metric reporting – to aid marketing your business/product with our community
  • CSR strengthening – supporting government policy re ex-military personnel
  • Direct engagement with 25,000+ E-MC stakeholders
  • Enhanced brand/product profile with the wider ex-military community through E-MC social media

What does a sponsor receive?

  • VIP account service including joint marketing, invitation to  events & promotion at those events
  • Collaboration and support on mutual projects
  • Free detailed metrics reporting relating to job searches, our own social media response to your brand/product etc
  • Featured brand profiling on website and social media
  • Unlimited and featured free job postings
  • Co-branded, bespoke marketing campaigns

Corporate Sponsors

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