Ex-Military Careers, Jobs and Courses for Ex-Forces

Ex-Military Careers is a veteran owned diverse business, specifically designed for the military community. Since 2010 we have been supporting thousands of veterans, their spouses, and partners with access to purposeful employment. We support our community by promoting a successful transition from the military into a civilian career via education, employment, knowledge, and removing unconscious bias.

We support our community, achieve a successful transition from the forces into a civilian career and ensure that consistent connection through every stage of a veteran’s civilian career to retirement, in our community we have members who are just stepping into the world of civilian life and those nearing retirement after a highly successful civilian career.

As the lifeline for hundreds of thousands of military veterans, spouses & family members in the search for employment and in the identification of new & exciting opportunities we remain that consistent thread throughout.

Part of this service is our free to use job board and job search platform – unique to us. In addition, we provide tailored career advice and insight published on our website and shared across our large and growing on-line community.


Our platform has been expertly built using industry leading technology so we can guarantee that Ex-Military Careers is the most effective and cutting-edge online recruitment solution for advertisers.


We work with employers committed to employing Ex-Military personnel who see Ex-Military personnel as highly valuable assets to their businesses.

Our members can search through a database of desirable career opportunities and apply directly to hiring organisations.

Ex-Military careers are committed to innovative DEI solutions, in our client partnerships and in wider society. The mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation. We want to help build teams that are representative of the society we live in and start to address today’s workplace representation gaps. We can help you to achieve a culture of belonging where diversity is the default. At Ex-Military Careers, inclusion is the norm, not the exception.