Ex-Military Servicemen and Women

No member of the armed forces community should face any sort of disadvantage when leaving the services.

Your skills, approach to work and experience are recognised and valued by us.  We are determined to ensure that you continue, confidently, to pursue and achieve your ideal Civvy Street career. 

We can provide the best place to source jobs for the ex-military community. 

We are the oldest job board within the military recruitment & advertising space. We have been helping employers to find top ex-military candidates since 2010 and are highly regarded as the top ex-military career platform for candidates seeking employment after leaving or transitioning from the military.

From CV advice to Courses everything we do is specifically geared to achieving the best outcome for you in your ex-military career. See our Careers Advice section below.

Features available to you include:

  • Monthly networking meetup events 
  • Relevant weekly newsletter, and hot job vacancy list 
  • Register for "hot jobs" and get notified as soon as a vacancy matches your skill set
  • Assistance and Help-desk support
  • Bespoke CV writing service
  • CV and career advice 
  • Mentorship support platform 
  • Quick CV upload
  • Quick applications 
  • Upload multiple CVs and cover letters
  • Create your own profile
  • Market your CV to potential clients
  • Dedicated email & phone support


IMPORTANT: E-MC also supports Military Spouses, Reservists and Disabled Veterans. We offer you the same opportunity to register on our jobs board as those transitioning out of the military.  You too will be supported in your career journey by E-MC.  You can find out more in our Support Extras section.

Your CV is safe with us.  Unlike many job boards or recruitment companies, we do not give database access to any unaffiliated business, government, corporation or any other entity.


  and stay connected with thousands of Ex-Military personnel.  

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