This community page has been created to better serve the ex-military. Helpful information and benefits you maybe entitled to. 

Ex-Military Careers has joined forces with CV Knowhow to offer all our candidates a FREE CV Review

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CV Knowhow has inside knowledge that no other CV Writing Service can offer. We know what prospective employers are looking for. But more importantly than this, we know the key words and phrases prospective employers look for when searching for the ideal CV, and these will be incorporated into your documents. 

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Bespoke CV Writing

RL CV Writing is owned by Rachel Lindsey, a Milton Keynes based Recruiter with five years’ experience working in both agency and internal recruitment roles at leading global organisations.

Writing a CV can be a daunting task but with the help of a professional, it can become a quick and stress-free process resulting in you being able to express your experience, qualifications and career aspirations in a professional manner that is attractive to employers.

Services Offered by RL CV Writing:

  • £15: CV Improvement - If you have an existing CV that needs updating and enhancing to make it stand out from the crowd, this is the option for you! Improvements will include changes to formatting, refining language and proof reading for grammar and spelling errors.
  • £20-30: CV Creation - Don’t have an existing CV or want to create a new version from scratch? I can help! To write your CV there is certain information I will require from you around your work experience, qualifications and interests. This information can be shared either by you completing a form or through a 30 minute telephone consultation.
  • £40: CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile - Actively looking for a job? Having a strong LinkedIn profile will improve your personal brand and allow recruiters to approach you about vacancies they deem suitable. In addition, I will also create a Cover Letter and CV for you (either by using a form or through a telephone consultation) so that you have all the tools needed to equip yourself when beginning a job hunt.

To find out more, or get in touch with Rachel about which option would be most suitable for you, visit:

Reclaims UK

Reclaims UK  have recently uncovered legislation that allows Forces personnel to reclaim a tax refund on Travel Expenses incurred if you have travelled to and from base in your own vehicle over the past 4 years.
If you have been posted or assigned to a certain base for 2 years or less we can look into what you may be owed by the Taxman. 

Rewards for forces

When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store, but a student in front of him was given one, we knew we had to act. Reward for Forces is a national discount scheme that offers serving members of the forces, veterans and their families’ premium discounts and benefits - Rewarding those that have served our country. For more information visit our website  

Community Partners

At Ex-Military Careers, inclusion is the norm, not the exception

We are a diversity-focused ex-military platform, dedicated to connecting our veteran community around the world. Ex-Military Careers are committed to innovative DEI solutions, in our client partnerships and in wider society. Our mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation. We want to help build teams that are representative of the society we live in and start to address today’s workplace representation gaps. We can help you to achieve a culture of belonging where diversity is the default.

Ex-Military Careers works with communities that directly align with our key offering. Our community partners enable us to share knowledge and make a difference together to make the best impact in our communities, where are can all thrive.

Women’s Veterans Alliance (WVA)

Women Veterans Alliance (WVA) was founded in 2015 by Melissa A. Washington, a Navy Veteran who saw a need to bring women veterans together to equip, empower and encourage each other. WVA is a nonpartisan organization. They partner with organizations that support the same mission of empowering women and/or veterans.