Reservists make a vital contribution to our armed forces.

In the UK we proudly have around 35,000 Volunteer Reservists. These indespensable Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, regions and professions and are ordinary men and women, mothers/fathers who willingly give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Forces.

Volunteer Reservists are appointed to supplement the Regular Forces whenever the operational needs should arise and receive the same world-class training and develop the same skills. If and when they are mobilised they carry out the same roles and to the same quality standards as their Regular equivalents.

Our Reservists make up around 14% of the nation's total defence capacity and are a crucial part of our defence strategy. They are called upon as individuals for their specific skills or as ready-formed units to serve alongside the Regular Forces whenever required.

The are demands made on Reservists throughout their military careers are extremely high and the pressure is intense but many thrive on the journey. Through the experience their specialist training enables them to develop core are invaluable qualities and the cohesion between military and working life quickly becomes evident. It is pivotel that employers learn to recocgnise how reservist skills from their employee/s can be transfered to the work place to fully gain the benefits of these extraordinary and commited people.

If you are a reservist or hoping to become a reservist and looking for opportunity's in Civvy street please get in touch.

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