The Complete Adobe® Web and Graphic Design Master

The Complete Adobe®  Web and Graphic Design Master for only £99.00!

Save up to 65% when purchasing Adobe® software with this course as this package is eligible for an NUS (Totum) discount card which can in turn be used for huge savings on your Adobe software!

If you are looking to kick start your career in Website Design then this is the perfect course bundle for you.

The bundle consists of multiple, in-depth and beneficial courses covering all aspects of the incredibly popular Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver.

What is Adobe?

The Adobe Suite is a set of multiple software's that will allow you to engage in your creative side. The Adobe Suite is not just used for Website Design, you can also create stunning illustrations, magazines, 3D prototypes and even websites, short animations and so much more. For the creative type, the Adobe Suite's potential is endless.

Who uses Adobe?

It would be fair to say that the majority of Designers & Developers over the world use Adobe, whether they are a part of a big company or just starting up as a freelancer. Adobe has been the obvious choice in software for design for many years now and it keeps getting better. For those who know how to properly use the correct tools, Adobe will open up unlimited possibilities

Who is this course bundle aimed at?

This course bundle is not just for beginners (although this course does cater for those starting from scratch), those who already have a lot of experience would find this course extremely helpful too. It is very rare for an individual to have mastered all aspects of every suite on their own, and this course will help you to do so and become the best in the industry!

What the course will teach you:

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced features of the Adobe Suite
  • How to become a Designer
  • How to develop mobile apps
  • How to master the Pen Tool
  • How to optimise photos
  • Working with Typography
  • Design & Web workflow
  • Animation techniques

Careers in web design:

Web designers can work as freelance contractors, as part of agencies or in-house at companies. Starting salaries typically range from £18,000 to £22,000. From front end development in print and advertising to film and web design, you’ll find a myriad of job roles related to a career in graphic design. Professions such as illustrators, animators, concept artists and web designers can all benefit from a qualification in graphic design.

Courses included

  1. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5: Essentials
  2. Adobe Illustrator CS3: Advanced
  3. Adobe Illustrator CS6: Essentials
  4. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5: Select Topics
  5. Adobe Edge Animate: Advanced
  6. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
  7. Adobe Illustrator CC
  8. Microsoft Word 2013
  9. Prepare For The Adobe Certified Expert In Photoshop CC Exam
  10. Typographic Poster Design: From Sketch To Vector
  11. Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  12. Parallax Slider Design – Make Your Website Come to Life
  13. Adobe After Effects CC 2015
  14. Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 1
  15. Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 2
  16. Mastering Adobe Bridge CC
  17. Speedgrade CC
  18. Adobe Audition Creative Cloud - Basics Training
  19. Adobe Bridge Creative Cloud 2014 Training
  20. Adobe Captivate 8
  21. Dreamweaver Creative Cloud - What's New?
  22. Dreamweaver CS6 - Creating A Mobile App
  23. The Ultimate Guide On How To Become A Designer
  24. Essential Skills For Designers - Mastering The Pen Tool
  25. Essential Skills For Designers - Working With Type
  26. Essential Skills For Designers - Images In InDesign
  27. Essential Skills For Designers - Masking
  28. Adobe Encore CS4: Workflow
  29. Adobe Encore CS5
  30. Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Essentials
  31. Adobe Encore CS3: Essentials
  32. Adobe After Effects CS5: Essentials
  33. Adobe After Effects CS4: Essentials
  34. Adobe Audition CS6: Essentials
  35. Adobe CS6: Design & Web Workflow
  36. Adobe CS5: Design Workflow
  37. Adobe Premier Elements 9: What's New?
  38. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced
  39. Adobe CS4: Design Workflow
  40. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9: What's New?
  41. Adobe Flash Professional CS6: Essentials
  42. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended: Essentials
  43. Adobe Soundbooth CS3: Essentials
  44. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: New Animation Techniques
  45. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Essentials
  46. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Advanced
  47. Adobe Photoshop: Mastering Advanced Techniques With Brian Maffitt
  48. Adobe Soundbooth CS4
  49. Adobe Soundbooth CS5
  50. Adobe CS3 Production Premium: Workflow
  51. Adobe Fireworks CS5
  52. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Advanced
  53. Adobe Premier Pro CS3: What's New?
  54. Adobe Fireworks CS4
  55. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Essentials
  56. Adobe Muse
  57. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials
  58. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Essentials
  59. Adobe Flash CS5 Professional: Essentials
  60. Adobe Illustrator CS4: Essentials
  61. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Essentials
  62. Adobe Premiere Elements 8
  63. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Advanced
  64. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Production Premium Integration
  65. Adobe Premiere Elements 7
  66. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Essentials
  67. Adobe Photoshop CS3: Maximizing Productivity
  68. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2
  69. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced
  70. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
  71. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Actionscript 3 UI & Data
  72. Adobe InDesign CS3: From QuarkXPress To InDesign
  73. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
  74. Adobe Flash CS3: ActionScript 3 Animation & Games
  75. Adobe Photoshop CS3: Enhancing Digital Photos
  76. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials
  77. Adobe Photoshop CS3: Channels & Masking
  78. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3: Essentials
  79. Adobe Illustrator CS6: Advanced
  80. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended: Essentials
  81. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: Essentials
  82. Adobe InDesign CS4: Advanced
  83. Adobe Illustrator CS4: Advanced
  84. Adobe InDesign CS5: Essentials
  85. Adobe Flex 3: Rich Internet & AIR Applications
  86. Adobe Illustrator CS5: Essentials
  87. Adobe After Effects 7 Pro: Professional Features
  88. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
  89. Adobe After Effects CS6: Introduction & New Features
  90. Adobe After Effects 7 Pro: Broadcast Design Features
  91. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials
  92. Adobe Production Studio: From Edit To Output
  93. Adobe Premiere Pro 2
  94. Adobe After Effects 7 Pro: Essentials
  95. Adobe Dreaweaver CS3: Essentials
  96. Adobe Fireworks CS6
  97. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials
  98. Adobe Edge Animate: Essentials
  99. Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  100. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Essentials
  101. Adobe Photoshop CS2: Advanced
  102. Adobe Fireworks CS3
  103. Adobe After Effects CS3: Essentials
  104. Adobe CS3: Web Design Workflow
  105. Adobe InDesign CS2
  106. Adobe After Effects CS3: Advanced
  107. Adobe InDesign CS4: Essentials
  108. Adobe CS3: Print Workflow
  109. Adobe InDesign CS5: Interactivity
  110. Adobe Flex 2: Rich Internet Applications
  111. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Actionscript 3 Essentials
  112. Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional
  113. Adobe Photoshop CS3: Advanced
  114. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Flash Animation
  115. Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium: What's New?
  116. Adobe Contribute CS3
  117. Adobe Captivate 4
  118. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: From GoLive To Dreamweaver CS3
  119. Adobe InDesign CS6: Essentials
  120. Adobe CS3: Design Workflow
  121. Adobe Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications
  122. Adobe InDesign CS3: Essentials
  123. Adobe InCopy CS2
  124. Adobe Flex 2: Advanced Visual Programming
  125. Adobe GoLive CS2
  126. Adobe Photoshop CS3: Essentials
  127. Adobe Creative Suite 2: From Design To Delivery
  128. Adobe Illustrator CS2
  129. Adobe Photoshop CS2
  130. Adobe Illustrator CS3: Essentials
  131. Adobe Edge Animate: Advance

What jobs will I be qualified for?

Upon completing the collection you will be able to pursue a career in:

  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Front-end Developer

The average earnings for a Adobe Certified Web Designer is £31,250 per annum (source: ITjobswatch, UK Only).

How do I study?

You study online around your own schedule with our easy to use interactive student interface which is designed to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. Our content is delivered via a mixture of easy to follow video's, question and answer sections and interactive test prep. When in your account you will work from your own personalised learning platform, that will log and track your course progress.

Why choose us?

  • Study job specific industry recognised courses
  • Student support
  • Job finder service
  • Progress reports
  • Exam booking support
  • Over 90% first time pass rate
  • All UK students receive a TOTUM (NUS) student discount card
  • 14 day no quibble money back guarantee

Career Support

Every student has access to our soft skills training pack that includes career support courses such as Interviewing Techniques and C.V building. These courses will give you the skills you need to head into the job market and boost your employability.

On completion of your training course, you will have the skills and confidence to jump straight into a role that suits you.

Our careers advisors have their ears to the ground and are on hand to offer you industry and job specific advice on any career path you decide to follow and ask about our job search service we offer to our students.


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