4 Ways to Cut Expenses When Job Seeking

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The period between leaving service and getting a job is definitely one where you’re going to have to budget. Although you’re most likely going to be eligible to get some benefits and will receive support from the army, it’s a good idea to learn how to slash your expenses so that you don’t get into financial trouble. Costs mounting up can lead to stress and anxiety, something that you don’t need when you’re making the transition back into civilian life. We’ve put together some great tips to help you keep costs down when you’re job seeking.

Savvy Shopping

Shopping around for your groceries can have a significant effect on the amount that you spend. You’d be surprised how much the big supermarkets charge for branded products, when the truth is you can buy unbranded products in cheaper shops and supermarkets which do exactly the same thing. Unbranded foods usually taste the same as the branded ones – just at a fraction of the price. Before you set out to do your monthly food shopping, why not carry out some research to decide where the cheapest place nearest to you is.

Dig Out Your Old Phone

You may be tempted to go and sign up for the latest iPhone on contract, but this could set you back around £40-50 a month, even more if you want a big package of minutes and data to go with it. Whilst you’re job seeking, you’ll need a phone so that employers can contact you or you contact them when you see a job vacancy. A SIM only contract is often the cheapest way to go about keeping your monthly phone expenses down, and can be even cheaper than Pay and Go. If you have an old handset, keeping it and getting a SIM only plan instead can help keep your expenses low. If your phone is locked to another network, click here for details about how to get it unlocked.

Filter Out Expenses

How much are you paying each month for things that you never use or could find a cheaper alternative for? For example, if you’re paying for a hefty gym membership each month, you could slash this by moving to a cheaper gym or even completely eradicate it by cancelling your membership and working out at home instead. Do you buy a coffee every morning? Getting a coffee machine and making your own instead is a good way to keep long-term costs down.

Ditch the Car

Rethinking your driving habits can help reduce your costs. Rather than driving everywhere, bicycle or walk on short journeys, or even take public transport. The price of petrol is on the rise, and cutting down on your car usage not only helps to keep your own expenses low but also contributes to a cleaner environment. Some public transport companies also offer free transport to those searching for jobs, which could be worth looking into.

Have you got any ideas to help veterans searching for jobs to keep their expenses down? Let us know in the comments.