5 Reasons to Sign the Armed Forces Covenant

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AFC signatories commit to doing all they can to ensure that those who served – and their families – are ‘treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their everyday lives.’

This involves creating access to the same Government and commercial services as any citizen, be it healthcare, employment, childcare, education, housing, or financial services.

We are proud to have signed the AFC, and we would urge any business that endeavours to support the armed forces community to do the same.

No matter what size and shape your business, whether you’re private, a voluntary organisation, or a social enterprise, all are welcome to sign the AFC. Here are 5 reasons why being a signatory has meant so much to our business over the last decade, and they are 5 reasons you should consider committing.

1. A validation of your company’s commitment to the veteran community

We’re here to support our veteran community. We know we’re doing it, but we must validate our commitment. Signing the AFC lets our clients, candidates, patterns, colleagues and all other stakeholders know that we’ve made a formalised promise to help the armed forces population. This authentication spotlights our respect for the sacrifices of veterans and their families everywhere.

2. Dedicated Support

Being a signatory of the AFC is more than a symbol, it’s a promise of proactivity. Signing the AFC means your business is taking steps to actively support the community as part of your pledge. This can be tailored to your specific output as a business – whether that’s the way you design your products or your advocacy for the community, your pledge is unique to you and the way you’re planning on making an impact. 

3. Championing Inclusion

Our community members need to know that we have the means and the drive to support them. The same goes for veteran employees. Those searching for an inclusive employer need to know what initiatives, commitments and policies businesses have in place to support their unique needs. Displaying our dedication to the AFC’s value system is an ideal way to show them.

4. Building a Community

In the 14 years since our inception, we’ve been building a global network dedicated to bridging the gap between the military and a fulfilling civilian career. Part of this journey has involved making formal commitments (like signing the AFC) to help our community flourish. Communities need support systems in place to grow, unlock access to opportunities, and make meaningful connections. The AFC values reflect this idea, and it’s a mindset we’ve used to expand our impact over the years.

5. Enhancing Partnerships

Forming partnerships is a crucial part of building a successful business. We’re proud to partner with charities like Combat Stress and Women’s Veteran Alliance to strengthen one another’s contributions to the armed forces community; it’s what helps us extend our reach into underserved demographics. As a point of common ground and a shared promise of support, the AFC has been a large part of relationship building for us over the years. Potential partners see your commitment to the AFC and they see an inclusive, accountable, dedicated organisation.

Starting the Process

You can start the signing process by visiting the Armed Forces Covenant’s website here: https://www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk/show-your-support/sign-the-covenant/. The site has all the information you’ll need. If you need support from Ex-Military Careers, our team are more than happy to support you – reach out to us today: Here.