6 Jobs to Consider After a Military Career

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While the military will always be a part of who you are and has become a crucial part of your identity, it might also be helpful to learn there are other professional avenues you can enjoy now you are approaching another career adventure. Here are six jobs to consider after a military career.

Management Consultant

Many veterans have the leadership and organizational skills that make them the perfect candidate for a management consultant role. The position requires a company to streamline their operations to grow their business, while providing advice on management issues that could be affecting the company. It is, therefore, suitable for a veteran who has extensive management experience in the military.

FBI Agent

You might never have considered a career as an FBI agent, but it can be a viable professional path, as it offers a similar chain of command to the military. Therefore, veterans may find it easier to adapt to the agency’s requirements than those without armed forces experience. What’s more, the physical requirements will also be similar to the military, and you can continue to work on counterterrorism as you continue to serve for your country.

Data Analyst

If you are looking for a rewarding career after the military, you should consider becoming a data analyst. Many companies are looking for individuals who can analyse data to grow their products and services. Your organizational and leadership skills will, therefore, help to create processes that can improve business processes. Furthermore, a Merrimack College data science degree could help you develop the valuable skills employers in all industries currently need.

Security Manager

A security manager will allow you to put your proactive skills to the test, as you can lead a team while planning and coordinating security activities. So, you can focus on improving security standards to safeguard the public, employees and business assets.

Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

No-one can move equipment quite like the military. You can, therefore, use your transferable skills to become a logistics and supply chain manager. The role will require you to both analyse and coordinate the organization’s supply chain, which will range from retail to transportation. While many companies will require a bachelor’s degree, some might be happy to accept military experience. Therefore, make sure to research this field.

Electrical and Mechanical Technicians

Depending on your role in the military, an electrical and mechanical technical position could be the perfect fit. Your role will be to install, operate and maintain machinery and equipment, or become an IT specialist, so it could be an ideal business venture for a person with a technical military background. While military training and experience might be enough, some employers may require either an associated degree or the completion of an accredited apprenticeship program.

There are a variety of roles in different industries that are ideal for those with a military background. So, put your time in the armed forces to good use and search for a job that complements your skill set and experience.