About Presteigne Broadcast Hire

Presteigne Broadcast Hire (“PBH”) serves the live broadcast market worldwide from two operated sites in the UK (Crawley and Warrington) and two partner sites in the Netherlands and France. Live or near live events that fall within our area of expertise include domestic and international sports, reality TV shows, shows produced for television consumption (that are not scripted of film style dramas) and major news and political events.

The equipment required for these types of broadcast are typically expensive and require careful care and maintenance to ensure they work all the time as the events cannot be reproduced. As a result, we hold a large inventory of equipment that is modern and highly capable and which typically complements our customers own inventory.

Whilst the largest part of our revenues come from supplying the equipment on a “dry hire” basis (that is without an engineer or an operator) to experienced users of the kit worldwide, we do also provide a turnkey solution to our broadcaster and production company clients. This turnkey solution may include the provision of both engineers to “guarantee” the technical facilities and also operators to operate all equipment according to the production plan (often referred to as a “Project” or “wet hire”).

PBH holds one of the largest and most diverse equipment inventories in the UK and has a number of specialist areas of focus such as wireless (“RF”) audio and video, audio, communications and specialist cameras (PBH holds one of the largest rental inventories of PTZ cameras in Europe).

Our customers and events operate 24/7/365 and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond rapidly and effectively for our customers whether they have unexpected requirements or if a piece of equipment requires replacing or repairing.

To achieve our high levels of customer satisfaction we have an experienced group of engineers that maintain and prepare the equipment and a highly organised transport and logistics team alongside a customer relationship management group that puts the customer first.