About V.E.T.S

Our Journey

Regardless of the duration of your military service (whether you were a “lifer” or had a relatively short stint of duty serving), transitioning into the civilian workforce upon your separation is never quite as simple or as straightforward a process as it appears to be on the surface

Not only is life in the civilian world a dramatic shift away from the regimented, disciplined, and structured world of the military, finding the right opportunity to leverage the skills and experience you generated while serving – and turning it into a lucrative career – can also be a bit of an uphill battle.

For decades now, though, we here at Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) have been helping to connect veterans with businesses and job openings that can become lucrative careers, as well as businesses with veteran employees that bring a perspective, discipline, and unique skill set to the table that traditional civilians can’t.