Courses You Can Take to Improve Your Employability

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Trying to find a job after leaving the military can be a hugely daunting experience. After years of serving in the military, it’s not unusual to find it difficult to adapt to regular, everyday civilian life and work. But, those who have served in the military have a huge advantage when it comes to employability – the military teaches you a whole range of great skills which can be built on and transferred to a civilian job. If you’ve left the military and are wondering what you can do in order to improve your employability, here are a number of great course suggestions which you could take.

Business Courses

The discipline and drive that you learn when serving in the military means that you are the perfect candidate for working in a business environment. Businesses are always on the lookout for people to join their team who are driven to succeed, organised and resourceful – all of which are skills which you learn when serving in the military. Because of this, taking a business-related course, such as a six sigma certification online course, can be hugely useful to you and can significantly improve your chances at civilian employment in a good job. Along with your previous experience, having a business qualification under your belt can make you a very attractive potential business employee.

Customer Service Courses

Working in customer services is one of the most popular choices for those who have served in the military. Not only is this because customer service is an industry which has very high demand, but it’s also worth noting that military service teaches you a lot of great skills centred around dealing with people and the public. Taking a customer service course can seriously expand your opportunities when it comes to finding employment outside of the military and help you to land an even better job in the industry.

Security Courses

For those who have worked in the military, going into a job which allows them to continue serving and protecting their country and the public is a natural move. For this reason, it’s no surprise that a large number of security personnel are ex-military. As a military veteran, you’ll be better equipped than almost anyone else when it comes to security, whether you’re working at an airport or a high street mall. Your previous training will allow you to easily diffuse situations, detect threats, control the public and more.

IT Courses

If you’re finding it difficult to find employment after leaving the military, taking an IT course will definitely help. Almost every industry now requires employees to have some basic computer knowledge and IT literacy, and others even expect more when it comes to their employees’ IT abilities. No matter which industry you would eventually like to see yourself working in, taking an IT course could be one of the best things that you do as a veteran.

As a military veteran, finding a civilian job can be difficult. Taking one or more of these courses could help you get your civilian life off to the best start.