Education for Ex-Military Personnel

Your education and retraining can make all the difference in your resettlement process.

We have put together just a small number of opportunities and support available to you if you are considering furthering your education or retraining in a specific field.

Troops to Teachers

“The Troops to Teachers programme is about recruiting the very best former Service personnel (Service leavers) into teaching. The skills and experiences you have gained during your time in the Armed Forces are invaluable, and our education system needs you to bring these to our schools. You could have the potential to become an outstanding teacher.”

From January 2014 the Government started a new fast track into teaching scheme for former armed forces personnel who don’t have degrees.

The idea was the brainchild of Professor Tom Burkard who advocated bringing a programme from the United States which retrains retiring troops as teachers for inner city schools.

He suggested that ex-troops without degrees could begin their new careers as teaching assistants or remedial tutors.

The idea was welcomed by Education Minister David Laws who applauded the idea saying that “our inspiring troops would make for great Teachers.”

The Department for Education sanctioned the plans stating that service leavers without degrees "will be the only people able to start training as a teacher without a degree and be qualified within two years".

There are a number of ways that the government now envisage bringing in your military skills and disciplinary teachings to our State Schools.

Jaguar Land Rover

Ex-Armed Forces

 “Discipline,teamwork, Calmness. Many of the skills you honed within the military are exactly the qualities we need in our production environment and across our business... Joining us could be the perfect route into a successful civilian career.”



Barclays Bank

After Programme – Ex-Military Personnel

Jayne Webster spent 24 years in the Military, she has been working for the last twelve months 

to build the Armed Forces Transition Employment and Resettlement (AFTER) programme with Barclays.

The programmes main purpose is to help Ex-Military Personnel into civilian life providing them with work placement opportunities, education, courses and skill sessions specifically targeted at enhancing their employability prospects and make the transition to their new Career. It encompasses teaching service leavers to recognise and identify their transferable skills that employers like Barclays are looking for.

Working with Barclays gives you the chance to work in a great working environment and to work with some inspiring colleagues who respect each other.

“The AFTER programme has shown that Barclays is somewhere where anyone can succeed.  Working with some inspirational people, I am extremely proud of how we have been able to help veterans and service leavers from a similar background to myself.  For many, the values that we hold are very powerful to those who have served in the military.”

Education and Retraining For Service Leavers

There are so many opportunities available to you. Please just take some time to research and learn how your skills can translate.