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The purpose of our survey was to discover how people generally experienced transitioning from the military into civilian employment;


86% of people found employment in the first year of leaving the military, just under 10% took between one and two years whilst a small percentage took over 5 years to find employment.


The majority from those surveyed found it somewhat difficult to leave the military, whilst some even claimed it was impossible and very difficult to leave the military.


The majority found there were a lack of qualifications offered whilst serving which put them at a disadvantage when it came to finding employment in civvy street. Those surveyed felt the vocational training provided whilst serving was not beneficial, but the majority agreed there were programmes to ensure basic literacy and numeracy skills were improved.


Over 60% said yes to taking a job you felt underpaid for just to get back into employment. Whilst over 10% could not answer this question as are still unemployed whilst taking this survey.


Over half of those who took the survey felt their military experiences had a positive impact when attending an interview and starting a new role.


57% felt there was not enough demystification in the workplace for employers to see their transferable skill set.


Over 75% of those who were medically discharged from the armed forces felt it has a significant impacted on their job search.


We asked three final questions:


1. Did you encounter any negative stereotypes related to your time in the armed forces, either when applying for work or having found a new job?


2. Did you feel your gender or ethnicity impacted your ability to find work when compared to other veterans?


3. Are there any other experiences or observations, either positive or negative, that you wish to mention about searching for a job on civvy street?


There are some humorous and very useful answers to these questions which you will be able to view once you have completed this survey!  


Please answer all questions in a professional manner as your answers will be seen by other ex-military personnel.


If you are not ex-military and would like to view our survey statistics please feel free to email us at: info@ex-militarycareers.com


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