Ex-Military Careers Launches New Podcast Series

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Ex-Military Careers Launches New Podcast Series

Stay informed, in the know and up to date with the latest veteran’s news from our people in the know, the Ex-Military Careers team.

This podcast series brings together market-leading experts, veterans and ex-military personnel for empowering discussions, covering topics from diversity to innovation giving you up to date industry insight and unmissable lively debates. We can help you to achieve a culture of belonging where diversity is the default. At Ex-Military Careers, inclusion is the norm, not the exception. Reach out to us at info@ex-militarycareers.com or visit our website for more information.

This is podcast episode 1, and during this episode we caught up with our Founder James Lawrence. James founded Ex-MilitaryCareers.com in 2010 having first developed the platform from his own experiences shortly after leaving the military. Today James has 15 years of experience in the finance industry and has accumulated extensive experience of the risks involved in Financial Markets having begun his financial career at ODL Securities (now FXCM) in 2008. James has developed understanding and technical skills in strategic marketing, business economics, operations management, and corporate social responsibility, and has completed his Investment Advice Diploma (IAD) with the CISI and holds an Investment Management Certificate (IMC) with the CFA UK and recently completed an MBA at Bayes Business School (formally CASS) in April 2021.

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