Ex-Military Careers welcomes Ellis Greenway as our Client Engagement Lead!

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As Client Engagement Lead, Ellis will be the driving force behind Trinnovo Group’s 5-year strategy to build-out and expand its employment transition support for service leavers and veteran communities in the workplace.

Ellis was born in Leeds and joined the Royal Marines when he was 20 years old. Achieving the Kingsbadge Award in training, he served as a Section Commander, working on the Royal Marines display team and a Military Training Instructor. He also represented the Royal Marines and Royal Navy Rugby Teams. The main driving force behind his decision to join EMC was a genuine passion to raise awareness in the wider world to the outstanding capabilities, values, and traits of service men and women. It is also an opportunity to have a presence and be a positive influece in the veteran community.

“I think it may be easy for the civilian world to underestimate the transferrable skills of military members, as there is often little exposure to the daily life of service personnel; but the core values of a person really define who they are and ultimately what they are capable of”.

“Our militaries work in some of the harshest and most hostile conditions imaginable, and are trusted to maintain the highest standards, often making difficult decisions in high pressure environments.  By creating a high performance, rewarding, and exciting workplace and filling this with coachable, determined, trustworthy, resilient, and relentless workers – you’re setting yourself up for success”.

Ellis will be supporting Trinnovo Group’s commitment to ex-military employment impact metrics, including aiming for 10% of our global placements across the group to be transitioning personnel and military veterans – both internally and externally.

Ex-Military Careers (EMC) was founded in 2013 by our Chair at Trinnovo, Ashley Lawrence and his brother and Trinnovo Director, James. EMC has grown to be an established and leading global social platform for veterans, spouses and military personnel transitioning into civilian employment. As in integral partner of Trinnovo’s multi-award-winning group of recruitment brands including, Trust in SODA, Broadgate and BioTalent, alongside our DEI consultancy Equiris Consulting – EMC is a key pillar in our DEI mission and purpose.

‘Trinnovo group is a company that lives and breathes its values and it’s shown every day, down to the minor details. Being part of a motivated, high-performance team with shared values and goals is a huge pillar to success – an environment that TG breeds, promotes and rewards.’

We asked Ellis why it is important to create a community for veterans;

"Shared experience bonds the military community from strangers to family. To then leave this and what can feel like a huge part of your identity can be a very difficult challenge to negotiate. A positive veteran community allows individuals to still feel connected to a rightly proud past and carry it forward into their transition to the civilian world".

Ellis looks forward to raising awareness to the outstanding capabilities of veterans, which will help our ex-service men and women achieve successful transitions when they feel it is their time to move on from a military career. We hope to promote and grow a leading veteran community that is free of negative stigma.

We are thrilled to have Ellis on board and part of the Client Engagement team and are excited for what is to come!