Ex-MilitaryCareers.com has been announced as a finalist

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Founded by twin brothers Ashley and James Lawrence in July 2010, Ex-MilitaryCareers.com is an online social enterprise built specifically to help servicemen and women who have left the Armed Forces.


“Our mission is to ease the transition for service leavers ‘bridging the gap from the military to Civvy Street’ by providing relevant career opportunities from companies looking specifically to hire Ex-Forces personnel, as well as training and development courses” James Lawrence, Co-Founder Ex-MilitaryCareers.com.


James served in the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment but found the transition from Army to Civvy Street a struggle with a lack of opportunities available to him. After studying for his financial exams he managed to secure a job in the capital markets industry. Today James owns his own financial services company, after spending several years in senior management positions in financial services.


James and Ashley bring together tours of Iraq and Northern Ireland and 10 years experience in Recruitment, first hand they recognise the need to provide more support to Ex-Service Personnel and have self-funded their venture with no financial support.


“Returning to civilian life is a tough adjustment, even more so when you can’t find a good job. We decided to set up Ex-MilitaryCareers.com to help other service leavers. Bringing together his experience in recruitment with my Army background it felt like we could do something to make a real difference” said James.


“Seeing my brother return from Tours of Northern Ireland and Iraq I was struck by how difficult it was for him to find employment despite all his skills and experience. There is still a job to be done to demystify the skills acquired through the Armed Forces and how they translate to the working environment outside of service,” said Ashley Lawrence, Co-Founder Ex-Military Careers.



Going up against other finalists, Ex-MilitaryCareers.com will compete for the prestigious award, with the winner being revealed at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards gala dinner held on 10 November at Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel in London.


"Ex-MilitaryCareers.com is so proud to be shortlisted for The Social Enterprise of the Year.  My brother and I hope this goes some way to demonstrate our commitment in finding relevant job opportunities and training courses for all servicemen and women; empowering them through meaningful employment once they leave the Armed Forces" James Lawrence, Co-Founder Ex-MilitaryCareers.com, former soldier in Princess of Wales Royal Regiment 2nd Battalion.