Great Career Choices for Ex Military Personnel

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Information Technology

Did you know that the internet started as a military communication project? Many other IT inventions can be traced to the US military. What does this imply? That US Servicemen are exposed to the best IT training. They are most likely to have also gained the experience of using sophisticated computer software and hardware. They are therefore highly specialized when it comes to IT. This knowledge can be effectively used in an IT capacity as a civilian.

Private Security

It is evident that retired military men have the knowledge required to make good bodyguards and provide security systems. They have most probably been in a war zone and understand how to identify security breaches, suspicious scenarios and individuals. They are well-versed on how to handle a firearm, explosives and other weapons. They are also conversant with combat techniques.

It can be argued that ex-military personnel make the best security personnel in the US labor market. You cannot go wrong with a retired military man when it comes to security. Don’t forget that the US military training is among the best in the world.

Social Work

Social work requires the right attitudes towards serving other people. A military man will have been serving other people since he joined the military force. He or she has learned to serve fellow countrymen, superiors, fellow military men and the public in the event of emergencies.

In other words, ex-military men are comfortable with serving other people. They have the right attitude towards rendering voluntary service. They can perform social work with seniors since they have been trained to be humble and respect other people. Helping seniors as a social worker would be a walk in the park for an ex-military man, so social work careers are a smart choice.


There is a general shortfall of teachers in the US. Ex-military men with engineering training have sound knowledge of mathematics and science subjects, which appear to be the hardest hit by this shortage. In addition, the school environment is maintained by a strict adherence to order and discipline.

Now, honestly; who understands discipline and order more than a military man? You must agree with me that ex-military men have what it takes to make terrific teachers.

Public Service as Civilians

Ex-military personnel are given preference by the federal government over ordinary civilians in public service. Many veterans head to Washington DC after being discharged from the military. This is because 16% of all federal jobs are in Washington. The government understands how highly qualified these veterans are and cannot allow such skills to go to waste.

Veterans are highly trained, probably have a lot of exposure to different cultures, and have high EI. This makes them the ideal employee.