How to Deal with Setbacks Whilst Looking for a Job

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How to Deal with Setbacks Whilst Looking for a Job


Finding the right job can be tricky, with complicated application forms and multiple interviews which can be time consuming. If you, after completing all interviewer’s tasks and requirements, still get declined, it can be hard to accept the rejection and stay motivated moving forward.

But with a positive mindset and good outlook, you can soon turn your tough experience into tons of career opportunities.


Ask for feedback


If you’re unfortunate and your prospective employers choose another candidate, it’s vital that you learn from the experience. Think about what happened and ask yourself these questions:

  • What questions did they ask you?
  • Which questions did you find hard to answer?
  • How can you learn and improve for next opportunity?

Asking for and listening to feedback is the most important thing you can practice when faced with a job rejection. Start by gathering feedback from your recruiter or employer in your email back to them. If the feedback given seems a little vague, don’t be afraid to ask for a more detailed assessment.


Reflect on the process


If you’re feeling a little underwhelmed and disheartened it can be easy to brush the experience under the carpet and never think of it again. But in doing so, you’d be losing out on a possible learning curve.

Take your feedback into consideration and re-live the experience, from the way that you prepared and researched beforehand, through to your interactions and communication during the interview. If the process took place in stages, think about each section one at a time and try to determine if there is any room for improvement.

Could your presentation have been prepared more thoroughly? Did you focus too much on technical jargon instead of showcasing your practical skills? Were there any questions you feel you could have answered better?


Be resilient


It’s always good to practice resilience and to have a positive mindset after each setback. Try seeing them as opportunities to develop both your personal skills and your career skills. Overcoming obstacles on your career path will increase the chances of landing the right role. Make a point of staying constructive and do all you can to learn from the experiences to help you get ready for the next opportunity.


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