Making the Transition to Civilian Life – These Jobs Are the

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1. Military/Intelligence Analyst

According to, the best job for those leaving the military for civilian life is a career as an intelligence analyst. This profession is especially well-suited to a higher-ranking officer who had a hand in sorting through information while on active duty. As an analyst of any kind, you’ll be responsible for gathering and analyzing information, and in what better field than as a military analyst and advisor?

2. Health Informatics Analyst

As a health informatics analyst, you will be responsible for gathering all the information required by the healthcare IT team. Entry-level jobs require a minimum of a masters in health informatics, but that is something you can do while working a transitional position. You can take an online master in health informatics program while working, and by the time you get your degree, you’ll already have a strong foothold with your current employer.

2. Logistics Analyst

This position requires you to assemble and analyze information in commerce. Supply chains are critical within this field and as an ex-military person, you have a solid understanding of logistics. You were taught early on about the chain of command and how critical it is to get supplies to the front line if the need should arise. Analyzing logistics is a lucrative field of commerce with the median salary being about $90,000 a year.

3. Systems Analyst

If you are at all computer savvy, a position as a systems analyst would be ideally suited to your area of expertise. Here you will look at data to that can either improve current systems or help you create new systems to improve the efficiency in your respective industry. Systems analysts typically average over $100k a year.

No matter what industry you hope to enter, you can always begin working while earning your master’s degree. If you choose to enter healthcare, you can study for an online MSHI degree while working in administration. Your excellent work habits and focus on structure gained in the military can gain you the