More Reasons to Hire Veterans

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Thankfully, there’s a wealth of untapped, often-underestimated talent waiting to bring a unique set of skills to the table: veterans. 

Ex-military personnel possess world-class skills that any business would be lucky to have. From resilience and leadership to resourcefulness and dependability – if you want to upgrade your company, hire a veteran.

Here are five more reasons to hire veterans (and they’re reasons you can count on). 

1. Maturity

Military life makes you grow up. The armed forces instil a work ethic like no other, and it leads to a maturity of character that shines in the civilian workplace. Plus, many veterans were just teenagers when they chose to join the forces, giving them plenty of time to develop core leadership skills. 

Veterans have the maturity to hold themselves accountable for their work and their behaviour as they play an important part in building a healthy company culture.

2. Diplomacy

From conflict resolution to building steadfast relationships, veterans are natural problem solvers and good at leveraging their diplomacy in a civilian work setting. They’re typically used to higher-stakes environments, giving them a strong sense of grounding when tackling day-to-day workplace tasks.

3. Quick to Learn

If you’re looking for someone to hit the ground running the moment they join your team, veterans have you covered. The comprehensive and rigorous training they receive in the military teaches them to absorb crucial information quickly, enhancing their coachability.

4. Objective-Oriented

Mission objectives tend to look very different inside the military. Veterans can apply the same rigour, critical thinking, calmness under pressure, determination, and dynamic risk assessment skills to the civilian workplace as they would on a combat assignment. They’re also dedicated to following the right procedures along the way, raising their overall effectiveness in the workplace.

5. Networking

The unique connections that people form in the military are unlike any other. Bonds are made over a shared unique experience that civilians may struggle to understand. As a result, veterans often have a wide-reaching network of reliable contacts from around the world, a highly beneficial addition to any business. We’re living in an era of networking, and employers with an eye for innovation recognise the value of employees with good connections.

Veteran Inclusivity

Careers for veterans come in all shapes and sizes. A veteran-inclusive employer knows how to bring out the best from their ex-military personnel. It’s common for veterans to take their skills and experiences for granted, or to struggle with translating them into the civilian workplace. 

If you’re hoping to benefit from the incredible business value veterans have to offer, we can help you. Reach out to to learn more about our diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging approach to the workplace.