Our Commitment

We have been committed to helping ex-military personnel since 2010.  Our footprint extends from the UK into the U.S, Canada, Africa and Latin America.

We provide a sustainable recruitment solution for employers seeking to tap into the talented ex-military skillset.  What began as a jobs board has evolved into a career hub which works with employers to offer CSR and business consultancy, marketing campaigns and mentoring support.  

For individuals from the military, we provide support, training and development, as well as a second to none jobs board, to ensure a successful transition into a fulfilling career on Civvy Street.

Our Vision

E-MC looks to provide solutions

  • for businesses who recognise ex-military talent and want to tap into its strengths
  • for the ex-military searching for a successful career on Civvy Street where their transferable skillsets are properly used and valued

We are proud of how we use social media – where our strong and well-established presence offers business extraordinary levels of access to a highly engaged and talented workforce.

Our Values

People: at the heart of E-MC are the people we touch, the businesses we engage with
Partnership: with people, with businesses, to engender change – in attitudes and outcomes
Purpose: focusing efforts on our vision to deliver long term, sustainable and positive outcomes for people and businesses
Planet: partnering with businesses who support a positive approach to every element of the environment