Our new Community Partner, Women Veterans Alliance

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At Ex-Military Careers we are pleased to welcome our newest Community Partner, Women Veterans Alliance. The Women Veterans Alliance (WVA) is a non-partisan organisation that was founded in 2015 by Melissa A. Washington, a Navy Veteran who saw a need to bring women veterans together to equip, empower and encourage each other. WVA partners with organisations that support the same mission of empowering women and/or veterans.

Women Veterans Alliance has a vision to connect over 2 million Women Veterans and supports globally, for the purpose of sharing our gifts, talents, resources, and experience. The organisation has a mission to create a community both online and offline including local women veteran networking groups, community events and national conferences world-wide, which provide opportunities to connect and grow.

We are looking forward to collaborating with Women Veterans Alliance as our new Community Partner and working to equip, empower and encourage this inspiring community.

Find out more about Women Veterans Alliance on their website.