Resettlement-The 5 Elements

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Upon leaving the Army there are 5 key factors that need to be approached, researched and worked through in order to help ease your transition to Civilian life.

The 5

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Welfare



It is vital for your future success that you start your resettlement process with clear aims and good job intelligence that you network effectively and approach employers confidently. There are tons of resources available to you so please make sure that you take full advantage of these facilities, they are there to help and are completely at your disposal.  


If you are willing to retrain or acquire new skills there are thousands of courses available to you. This step should never be felt or seen as a back step. It isn’t, in fact when partaking in these courses you are continuing to educate yourself and take a giant leap forward. It can also help you to define the route that you wish to take set you apart from your adversaries when applying for Jobs.

The skills you have acquired in the Army are a major asset to and your future employer and there are a plethora of employment opportunities available to you for example: Teaching, Security, Bespoke Driving Jobs, franchises, PT’s, Engineering. The list is boundless so be sure to remain focused and positive in your transition.

Here are a couple of reputable learning providers.


For Re-Housing again there is again a number of services and assistance available to you.

“The CTP hosts a number of housing briefing events at all CTP RRC locations on a regular basis. Additional briefings are also hosted at both Kinloss Barracks & RAF Lossiemouth and a range of venues in Germany. These are run by the Joint Services Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) and will provide advice and guidance for those leaving the military and are currently resident in service accommodation, or seeking to relocate to another area when they leave service. Attendance at these events is treated as duty if you are registered for Resettlement (so Allowances may apply). They are usually held at Regional Resettlement Centres and may be attended at any point in a Service person's career, although priority is given to Service leavers with 9 months or less to discharge. Housing briefings are "All Ranks" and spouses are welcome to attend. In Germany these briefings are held three times a year in various locations - call Herford RRC or your local AEC for dates and venues. These briefings focus on the various accommodation options available post-discharge including the help offered by the Single Persons accommodation centre for Ex-Services.”


When you leave the Military you become solely responsible for registering for your own healthcare and that of your families through your local GP’s and Dentists as part of the NHS. 

Both NHS and Private care options are available to you across the UK but make sure that you fully research the options in your local area.


There are a number of different charities and ex-service organizations that are there to help and support you at this time and in the future. What they offer can be priceless for some so don’t be afraid to use them, they are there for YOU. A list of these charities can be found by clicking on the link below.

Advice on the benefits you can claim and that you may be entitled to can be found by also clicking on the link below.