Ex-MilitaryCareers Recruitment Industry Initiative

For over 10 years we have been responsible for setting standards within the ex-military recruitment sector. 

The Ex-MilitaryCarers Recruitment Initiative provides a leading hallmark of recruitment quality for all businesses, public and charity sectors. The firms which carry this badge have identified and understand the benefits, knowledge and expertise ex-military candidates can bring into the workplace.  

All our RII members have been rigorously selected. Therefore, firms that carry our endorsement and the RII badge represent some of the leading and most reliable firms hiring Ex-military in the workplace.
The RII brochure provides an overview of our background, areas of expertise and what we do.

EMCRII Member Benefits:

    • Free unlimited job posts, and gain exposure to unique ex-military candidate pools.
    • Use the RII 100 partner logo in all your brand material and feature on the Ex-MC partner website. 
    • Accelerate your journey to military confidence by attending our exclusive RII 100 events, and annual awards for employees led by industry experts and attended by a community of like-minded inclusive recruiters.
    • Support RII to improve employment for Military personnel. RII is an entirely self-funded organisation and all sponsorship and subscriptions are reinvested to drive greater military inclusion. 
    • Access proven tools and blue-prints designed to take your Military confidence to the next level. 
    • CPD accredited online demystification foundation training course and Ex-Military candidate terminology, language and skillset eBook. 

      Members have exclusive use of our badge to showcase their support to the military community.

Download the brochure