Technological Skills for an Ex-Military Career

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However, what types of job can someone with military experience expect to find after they leave? What unique skills can you bring to the workforce? Here are some of the roles ex-military personnel have the talent and experience to achieve.

Information Technology

Having been in the military, you would have been working with high-end technology. This experience can certainly help you in this career. These skills mean you can not only work within the IT profession but that you also have the drive to become your own IT consultant.

There are many companies such as who work with global supply portals that would be ideal for someone with IT experience.

Police Officer

This is a career that has attracted a great many former military personnel over the years. The structure of the Police Force is similar to that of the military. For this reason, many soldiers find this work a natural fit for them.

Police departments are often seeking military personnel to who have recently left, to join the Police. You can often find a number of perks offered to potential applicants such as retirement benefits and extra points on the entrance exam.


Some former soldiers are also attracted to teaching as a career. The skills that they can offer are ideal including motivation, a sense of authority and excellent organizational skills. They can also be a big source of inspiration to the children they teach.

It also has many perks including generous time off and the opportunity to lecture at other schools and universities.

Public Service

Some former military personnel want to continue their public service in the civilian sector. For them, there is a huge variety of jobs available in all areas of the country. In some cases, people with a military background are afforded preference over civilians when applying for certain posts.

As with Policing, there are many former soldiers who choose this avenue, so a sense of community and pride develops.


For those who want to branch out on their own, there are opportunities to start your own business. This is a very popular choice and suits the drive and determination that are often found in former soldiers.

This can take many forms, from starting a franchise to beginning a whole new company. The management and organization skills you gain in the military are perfect for this type of career and often result in success.

For ex-military personnel, leaving the service can be a time of reflection and a little uncertainty. However, former soldiers openly speak about the transition into civilian life after war. For ex-soldiers, there are many opportunities out there that can utilize the knowledge and training gained over the years. With the right advice and direction, former military personnel are capable of achievin