The Importance of Networking for Job Seekers

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The Importance of Networking for Job Seekers


Are you looking for a new job? Are you struggling to find the perfect job match? Have you spent hours searching through hundreds of job boards? We’ve got the perfect advice to help you find your dream job!


It’s all about networking…


Networking is essential when looking for a job, unless you’re the only one in the entire job market with the exact qualifications employers are looking for, you’ll need more than just your resume to get noticed.

Networking makes you known to employers and to people who might recommend you to employers. It helps you get to know successful people in your field of work who can offer invaluable advice and help in finding a job.


Most jobs are not advertised


Did you know between 70 and 80% of the jobs are not published? Actively networking can help you find jobs that are necessarily advertised. This means joining professional networks such as LinkedIn, communicating with other members of the network regularly, and going out and talking to would-be employers.


Personal connections


It’s no secret some recruiters hire through personal connections such as friends or acquaintances. Employers place a considerable preference for candidates they know and can trust. Try to dedicate some time to network with professionals, up-skilling and communicating with employers.


Competition overload


With thousands of job adverts and job ads, there can be too much competition, especially with big companies. Most large organisations typically receive about six times as many applications as the total of their employees. Networking allows you to find valuable and unique job adverts that you may miss if you otherwise search on popular websites.


Skills and capabilities


Professional networking is about connecting with other professionals and sharing knowledge with them. Experienced members of a network often provide free advice to other members of the network, so regular interaction with other members of the network makes you aware of your capabilities and deficiencies.


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