The Veteran Job Search Toolkit: Where to Find Meaningful Work

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Looking for meaningful work? It can be tough to know where to start. Whilst everyone’s military transition is different, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re struggling to find a purposeful career.

If it sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. There are plenty of resources out there to support you throughout the next chapter of your journey. If you need some guidance, the team at Ex-Military Careers have put together a toolkit to help you find a fresh start. Check it out below.

Your Network

You’ve probably heard people bore on about the power of the network, but what is it exactly? And what does it look like?

LinkedIn is one of the most opportunity-rich professional platforms out there, and our personal favourite when it comes to building a network online.

As a member of the veteran community, you’ve already got a network like no other – when you say you have a trustworthy, dependable, highly skilled professional network, you can be sure you’re telling the truth.

Turning to your network in search of opportunities is an ideal place to begin your search for meaningful work. Here’s what you need to get the ball rolling on LinkedIn: 


  • A well-furnished LinkedIn profile – Up-to-date experience, a fleshed-out ‘about me’ section, grammatically sound, and a professional headshot go a long way towards upgrading your profile.


  • A wide-reaching network – Joining groups, following pages, building out your info, sharing and commenting on posts, and even writing articles is a great way to start increasing your number of relevant connections.


  • Post Regularly – Consistency is key to driving traffic towards your profile. Try posting short-form content (a reshared post with your thoughts, a status update, a photo, etc.) twice a week, and aim for posting long-form content once a month). 


Why do it in the first place? Because the more people you can connect with, the better your odds of finding a new opportunity. Plus, regular posting can help you build out your personal brand, a powerful tool for when you’re trying to showcase your skills to a potential employer.

Ex-Military Careers

Our jobs board is bursting at the bootstraps with veteran-friendly job opportunities, so don’t forget to keep your eye on the latest listings here

Our jobs are carefully curated. Each listing is posted by employers who are actively seeking out veteran talent – they’re in the market for people like you because they’re well aware of their unique and valuable skill sets.

If you need help using the jobs board or you’re not quite sure what you should be watching out for, contact the team here, we’re more than happy to help you out.

Government Resources

The website has many resources to support veterans, from redeployment advice to training support and the Veteran’s Gateway, a portal designed to help veterans and their families. 

Artificial Intelligence

Are you struggling to land meaningful work because it’s hard to put your thoughts to paper? Get the machines to help you out. AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard are free, easy to use, and make for good writing companions.

You can use these tools to help you write just about anything, but be warned: You will need to add your human touch. We’re reaching a point of AI saturation, and a good hiring manager will be able to notice if you’ve gotten AI to write every word you send over. 

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is a charity dedicated to supporting veterans with their mental health, and we’re proud to partner with them here at Ex-Military Careers.

Since 1919, Combat Stress has provided support to veterans throughout every conflict. According to their website, it takes an average of 14 years for a veteran to seek their help after leaving the forces.

It’s hard to do anything at all when mental health pressures are getting in the way, let alone apply for a meaningful job. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Events and Insights

Want more insights? We love hosting networking events, so why not come along and hear from industry experts and ex-forces personnel about their journey – you might discover your next calling. Join the community here to stay in the loop: