Three Reasons for Military Veterans to Study Online

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Three Reasons for Military Veterans to Study Online

If you are a veteran who has just retired from military service, getting a civilian job is an important part of making the transition from military to civilian life. For many military veterans, serving in the army is something that they have done from a young age, and therefore getting a qualification such as a degree is essential to ensure that they have better civilian career prospects. However, going to school can be a very daunting prospect for those who are coming out of the military. For that reason, many veterans choose to go with online degree courses, which bring a huge range of benefits.


One of the main reasons why more and more veterans are opting to study for a degree online after retiring from the military is due to the awesome amount of flexibility which is offered by choosing this option. For many veterans, transitioning back into civilian life can be a daunting process in and of itself, and many are not ready to start attending college classes on campus. Thanks to online learning, veterans are able to study for their degree from the comfort of their own home, and design their own study schedule that suits their personal routine. This is also a great option for veterans who are hoping to get civilian work, as it’s easier to fit a job around online study.

Course Options

When it comes to studying online, there are plenty of great options which veterans can choose from. Courses such as healthcare law or a health policy degree from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law can be a fantastic option for veterans who are hoping to one day work in the healthcare or law industry, whilst business-related online degrees are the perfect choice for veterans who’re hoping to pursue a new venture in entrepreneurship. Online study has an endless range of subjects to choose from, thanks to the fact that online students can take advantage of both online and offline schools, colleges and universities.

Cheaper Tuition Fees

For many veterans, being able to save money is an important part of making it in civilian life after retirement. If you’re a veteran who is considering furthering your civilian career prospects by enrolling on a college degree course, you may well be worried about how you are going to manage to pay the tuition. Along with the option to apply for funding and financial aid which as a veteran you should most definitely apply for whether you take an online or offline course, studying online is also up to a third or more cheaper than traditional courses, meaning that you can save a substantial amount of money by going by going down this academic route.

Retiring from military service and finding a job that you love in the civilian world can be a daunting and lengthy process. In order to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance of success, there’s every reason to enroll on an online degree course!