Top 5 tips for an interview in the Tech industry

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Top 5 tips for an interview in the Tech industry


The tech industry offers many great opportunities for ambitious digital and IT professionals. Many leading companies offer terrific benefits, development, and compensation packages, both for those experienced in tech and newcomers to the field. Of course, this also means that getting in the door can be difficult so here are some tips for landing an interview at a top tech company.


Consult with a recruiter who works with tech companies

Recruiters can connect you with job opportunities by work closely with tech companies and hiring managers, they understand what companies are looking for. By asking them the right questions, you can figure out how to best position yourself for the job that you want.


Learn about the different sectors of the tech industry and target your job search

With so many tech jobs out there, it can be helpful to narrow your search. Try to research different sectors towards where you might find good opportunities but of course, you should also consider your relevant experiences and interests.


Revamp your CV so that it focuses on your tech skills and experiences

When updating your CV, make sure it’s aimed towards tech jobs. Highlight your technical skills and any relevant job experience you have in the field. Even if you don’t have much formal work experience in tech, you can show your interest in the summary/objective part of the CV.


Research every company you apply for and show your work in the cover letter

Sending out the same generic cover letter to many companies is a great way to not get noticed. Before applying for a job, spend some time researching the company’s product, mission, and history to in your cover letter.


Leverage your network to find connections at the companies you’d like to work with

Think about the people in your personal and professional network and try to identify people who may have relevant connections. LinkedIn is a good place to start with this!

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