Veteran Versatility: Building Skills with Side Gigs

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There’s nothing like veteran versatility. If you’re hoping to broaden your earning potential in the side hustle era, then you’re in luck. As a veteran, you’ve got a wealth of transferrable, high-value skills, including adaptability. Why not turn those strengths into entrepreneurial success?

Side hustles and gigs aren’t just great money earners, they’re ideal for helping you build professional skills, an essential part of what it takes to land meaningful work on civvy street. 

 Don’t know where to start looking? The team at Ex-Military Careers have put together some options worth exploring – check them out below. 

Market Research

Market researchers utilise a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to predict a variety of trends. While it’s a top pick for veterans with experience in recon or intelligence, market research is home to a broad range of jobs that cater to veterans with diverse skill sets. 

From survey design and data analysis to pitching and presenting, market research can be a dynamic choice for those looking for a side hustle. It’s worth getting your hands on some digital marketing experience too – HubSpot has some great free courses worth checking out. 

You can also check out our sister brand – Trust in SODA – if you’re searching for creative tech jobs – SODA’s specialist recruiters are equipped to connect you with veteran-friendly employers and growth-enabled environments. Contact the team here: Trust in SODA. 


If you’re a decent word wrangler with a knack for persuasion, there are plenty of money-making options out there. AI has proven that the human touch is more valuable than ever, so now might be your time to explore writing jobs. From copywriting to PR and brand management, there are countless avenues to explore. 

Your military experience provides you with a unique perspective, and unique perspectives are invaluable in any kind of creative work. Upwork and Fiverr are good platforms to start building a profile and securing freelance gigs, and you could always consider content mills if you need to get started right away (they can be a good stepping stone). 


If you’re manic for mechanics then restoration is well worth checking out. Whether it’s restoring old military vehicles or bringing classic cars back to life, restoration offers an opportunity to hone your skills in everything from metalwork to electrical systems. 

There’s also a thriving online community of restoration enthusiasts, so if you’re looking to make some new connections, you’re only a few clicks away. 


Veterans are natural leaders. Moreover, they’ve been taught elite leadership skills since day one, making them well-placed to offer a range of different coaching services.

Whether that’s fitness coaching, wellness coaching, or even leadership coaching, your skills and experiences make you an example worth following. Depending on how far down your military transition journey you are, you could always consider offering coaching services to fellow veterans – support from someone with a shared experience goes a long way. 

Support from Ex-Military Careers

If you’re having trouble finding your next line of work, side hustle or otherwise, then don’t fret, you’re not alone. We know how difficult it can be to navigate the civilian working world after leaving the forces (it’s why we established Ex-Military Careers in the first place), and we have the means to help you. Reach out to the team to find out more about our recruitment and advisory services: Contact.