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Hi all,

We hope that you have had a great week.

We have some exciting news for our USA audience…WE HAVE OFFICIALY LAUNCHED IN THE USA!

It is a great pleasure to be able to assist our brothers and sisters in the US. This was always going to be natural progression for us as we have always had such a high percentage of candidates and companies approach us asking if we operate in the USA.  

Our US website us.ex-militarycareers.com goes live today! The new website has been built off the back of our UK site and brings you all the great support, hints and tips that our original site does. Our candidate support section offers:

  • Weekly community newsletter
  • Matched vacancy lists – You are instantly notified when you match with a job
  • Help-desk support
  •  Resume writing service
  •  Resume and career advise
  • Mentorship support platform
  •  Instant Resume upload
  • Instant applications
  •  Upload multiple resumes and cover lettersYour own dedicated profile
  • Share your Resume to potential employers
  • Email & phone support


We have also extensively supported in consultancy, sustainability, mentorship, recruitment & corporate social responsibility projects and we became a social enterprise, so we can truly give back to the ex-forces men and women, serving them as they did us.

Military personnel can register and search our extensive database full of potential new career opportunities for free. We operate not only as a social enterprise for veterans but as a mentorship platform, offering support in education, mentoring, or helping in their expenses as they re-join normal civilian life.

We look forward to seeing your registrations come through and if you would like to contact us directly you can do so by emailing info@ex-militarycareers.com or calling us on (877) 728-8702