Weekly Newsletter 20th November 2020

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Hi All, 

We hope that you have had a great week. 

Last week, our newsletter was focused on employment tips and we wanted to expand on that by highlighting one of the points; What kind of work best suits my individual skills and gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment? This is such an important factor for you to think long and hard about. On average, about 65% of veterans leave their first role after the military within a year. Now, we understand that it might be hard to choose a new career that you have no experience in, but you need to ask yourself these questions before exploring that field. 

Basic questions you can look at are:

  • Do I want to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day?
  • What is the maximum length I want my whole commute to be?
    • This is important because it can turn your 8 hour day into a 10/12 hour day especially if you are commuting by train, getting to the station, time on the train, getting to work etc. 
  • Do I want a career that I can learn and progress in?
  • What type of company do I want to work for? 
    • You may not realise it, but the ethics of a company play a huge part on whether or not you will enjoy your time there
  • Am I going to enjoy being a project manager/electrition/plumber/salesman...?
    • The honest answer is you won't know until you do it
  • Am I willing to take a pay cut?
    • We have all heard it from people leaving the military when you ask them what they are going to do... I'm going to work for my uncle and make £50k a year. Don't get us wrong it does happen, but if you are leaving the forces to start something you have no COMMERCIAL experience in you will need to start from the bottom

It is hard leaving something that could be the only thing you know and we understand that, but with planning and guidance from the right people you will succeed, there is no doubt about that!


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