Why Healthcare is a Great Career Choice for Veterans

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Many veterans retire from the military at an early age, and simply aren’t ready to retire and give up working just yet. When you’ve finished with military service, deciding which civilian career path you would like to embark on as your next big adventure in life can be very daunting. But, there are many different careers which are perfectly suited to those who have military experience. Working on the front line of the healthcare industry is often extremely well suited to military veterans who have a lot of experience of working under large amounts of pressure and being expected to pay a lot of attention to detail. We’ve listed some of the best reasons for military veterans to consider pursuing a career in healthcare.

Previous Experience

As somebody who has experience working in the extremely structured environment of the military, working in healthcare can often be an easy transition. Working in the healthcare industry can be quite similar to military work in many ways; there is a similar hierarchy of authority, and doctors and nurses working on the front line in hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms are expected to deal with ever-changing, high-pressure situations as part of their job daily.

Career Opportunities

Many veterans leave military service hoping to pursue a new career path which will offer them a good deal of opportunity when it comes to promotion, progression, and furthering their career as much as possible. Since good healthcare professionals are always in high demand, especially recently due to the aging population, those training to pursue career paths in nursing or medicine, for example, can expect a number of lucrative career opportunities. For example, registered nurses don’t just have to stop there, with a lot of further opportunities, such as studying for a doctorate of nursing practice or DNP online at Bradley University in order to become a more senior nurse or even teach nursing students.

Rewarding Work

Many people join the military as they enjoy protecting their country and caring about others. The military culture is built on caring for one another and looking out for individuals in need. Many army veterans will have some experience of looking after others, whether it be supporting and helping their colleagues in a time of need, providing first aid and urgent medical attention, or even looking after locals and civilians in troubled areas around the world. Because of this, those who are looking to pursue a career that is just as rewarding as military service can often choose healthcare. Although working on the front line of the healthcare industry can often be draining both mentally and physically and requires a lot of strength and resilience, the work is also some of the most rewarding in the world, with many who work in the healthcare industry saying that the reward makes all of the hard work worth it.