Why Online Study Is Great for Veterans

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Leaving the military and finding a civilian job as a veteran can often be difficult. For many veterans, the army is the only career that they have ever known, and transitioning into civilian life often means working towards qualifications, learning new skills, and discovering where the skills that you’ve already learned fit in to civilian work. Often, veterans find themselves in need of a college degree or other qualification in order to help them pursue their dream career after the army. We’ve listed some of the best reasons why online education is a great option for veteran jobseekers.


If you’re going to commit to a college degree, you need to know that you’re going to be able to afford it. With tuition fees on the rise, it’s unsurprising that many veterans don’t have the financial means to be able to pay their way through college, although financial aid is available. Choosing an online program such as the online masters in PR from Kent State University means that you may be paying tuition fees a third cheaper than their on-campus counterparts. Along with this, students enrolled on online programs don’t need to worry about costs for commuting or relocating, for example.


If you are currently working and don’t want to reduce your hours whilst studying for your masters degree in public relations, an online program could be the perfect choice due to the large degree of flexibility that they provide. When you study online, there’s no need to have to stick to a campus class schedule, as you will be provided with all of the resources that you need in order to complete your degree from home in a self-led environment. This is ideal for anybody who wants to work full-time whilst studying, as it allows you to schedule your studies around work, rather than vice versa.

Choice of Programs

If you’re hoping to go to college after leaving military service, many colleges actively encourage veterans to apply to their programs. However, if you limit yourself to on-campus programs only, you may find that the choice of subjects you can study is limited unless you’re prepared to travel or relocate. With an online degree, you are able to attend almost any college in the country or even abroad, without having to move away.

Well Suited

When it comes to studying, online education is often well suited for veterans. During your time in the military you will probably have learned a lot of self-discipline and structure, and will be able to motivate yourself to do well, something that makes an ideal candidate for an online program such as a masters in public relations. The self-driven and individual nature of online study is often perfectly suited to army veterans who will be able to easily adapt.

If you’ve finished military service and are looking to kick start your new life, there are various online degree programs that you might want to choose from. Studying online is suitable for veterans for a range of different reasons!