Why Pride is an Important Factor

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How you can look good to employers, however, isn’t the only thing that you should be concerned with. The military is an incredibly important entity for your country. You protect and serve unlike most of your fellow countrymen. It is a very important job, and one that you can take extreme pride in. Going from that sort of environment to a thankless desk job is not a good idea.


Hating your job might seem like some sort of rite of passage, but it doesn’t need to be, and it shouldn’t be. You have given so much in service of your country, and should have a career that you enjoy. Being proud of what you do is important to your happiness. That is why when you are job-hunting, you need to do more than see who will hire you, but you need to vet them, too. Here are a few traits that your future company should have, so that you can enjoy your life outside of the military:


1.    Ethical Methods

Working for a company that exploits their customers, the environment, or even other companies isn’t a smart idea. After all, if they have no problem exploiting people, then they also have no problem with exploiting you. Instead, choose a company that does good for the world. It could be something as big as providing care to those in need, or it could simply be a company that cares about its footprint. The best corporate companies are the ones that understand that money can be made while also helping others, like Smithfield Foods, who are working with medical companies who are interested in pig parts for medicine. A profit can be made, it just has to be made by improving the community at large in some way.


2.    Gives Back to the Community

You gave so much for your home, so it’s only right that you choose to work for a company that does so much for their community. Working for a company that gives back or otherwise tries to improve the community is a great way to continue helping your nation. Sure, you won’t be on the front lines, but in many ways your contributions will be felt more intimately than ever before.


Being proud of your job is important. It is that very pride that makes working for whichever company you choose worthwhile. This is especially true when you have already worked in an institution that is deeply respected and important for the security, freedom, and peace of your home.