Why Taking an Online Course Can Help Boost Your Post-Service

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There are a lot of articles, tips, job opportunities and other resources that will help you start a career after your service in the military. While a lot of companies appreciate ex-military workers – some even actively searching for ex-military personnel to fill important positions – it is still necessary to prepare yourself for the career in order to achieve the future you want.

While there are plenty of ways to get there, taking an online course to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree is the best option to consider. There are a number of reasons why taking an online course can help you a lot with your post-service career.

You Can Start Early

Universities across the United States are making their online learning programs available to more students. Thanks to the online learning platform, you can access course materials and connect with lecturers – and even fellow students – using nothing but a laptop and a standard web browser. This means you can start a course even before you retire from the military.

The University of Arizona and its online learning programs are known to be quite popular among Navy personnel. You can pursue a public health degree online from the university, or enroll in a major that suits your interest best.

You can take up to a full year while still serving and only have a part of the course left to complete when you get back. You can also choose to pursue the degree of your choice earlier than that, as long as you can balance work and school during deployment.

There Are More Fields to Choose From

As mentioned before, there are more majors to choose from than ever. Top universities across the country are making new majors available to online students. Getting a master of public health degree or a degree in applied epidemiology is as easy as getting an MBA or a master of science.

You can even choose a field with the most promising career choices to secure a better future. It is not a secret that some degrees are more popular on the market. IT, statistics, healthcare-related degrees and business degrees in general are among the more popular options to look into.

It’s an Investment

Last but not least, taking an online course is an investment worth making, regardless of the career choices you plan to make in the future. A master’s degree, for instance, will help you apply for a mid- to top-level management positions. Starting a career from these points will help you fast-track your journey to the top.

The same can be said for the rewards. Ex-military personnel with a bachelor’s degree are known to receive higher median salary than those without a degree. Naturally, master’s degree holders get even better rewards and better career paths in general.

Now that you know how taking an online course can really help boost your post-service career, it is time to take a look at the available programs and choose one that suits you best. Ex-MilitaryCareers.com is filled with jobs waiting for you once you have completed the course.