Why Training is Important When Looking for a Civilian Job

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After years of being in a clear chain of command, wearing a uniform and having a very specific work culture, transferring to a job in the civilian world can be difficult for many veterans. When you’re looking for a civilian job, it’s important that you put in the time and effort to get training and any further experience which could widen your chances of landing the job of your dreams in civilian life. Unemployment levels amongst army veterans are high, but having served in the army you’re actually better equipped than most to be good at a job.

Training Can Help You Transition

Training is essential to help you transition from army to civilian life. Whether you enrol on a full university degree or take part in a specialised CCNA course from Comm Support Networks, it will give you that bit of civilian experience that you need and help to prepare you for working in a job outside of the army life. If you attend a course at a night school or return to college or university, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people outside of the army and ease yourself back into living in the civilian world.

It’s What You’re Used To

Training is a huge part of serving in the army. Training weekends can be brutal, and you’ll be happy to know that the training you’ll receive to help you get a civilian job won’t be anywhere near as bad. However after years of serving in the military, veterans are used to rigorous training and preparation. Applying this to your search for a civilian job can make you feel more comfortable and help you to settle into civilian life. You’ll also be in with a better chance than those who haven’t done the amount of training and preparation for the job that you have.

Improve Your CV

The competition for civilian jobs is much higher than the competition for getting into the army. Many veterans join the army young and often straight out of school, with little qualifications or experience when it comes to civilian jobs. Unless the army has funded or supported you in gaining a transferrable qualification such as an engineering degree to join the Royal Engineers, your army experience can often amount to nothing when it comes to impressing a civilian employer. Training is important so that you can build on your CV and prove to employers that there’s more to you than just taking orders in the military.

Improve Your Confidence

Many veterans leave the army with a lack of confidence regarding successfully finding a civilian job. This is understandable as it is such a large transition, but training can help you to improve your confidence in yourself. The better you perform when undertaking training courses and programs, the more you’ll know that when you do get a civilian job, you’ll be fine. Training gives you both the academic and emotional support you need.

Training is available for any field of work you might be interested in!